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CICE Conference 2024

Centre for Interprofessional Collaboration within Emergency care (CICE) was established in 2017 at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHL) located at the Department of Health and
Care Sciences, Linnaeus University.

CICE is a national and international role model by creating simpler and better solutions for complex problems as well as new arenas for consensus, joint use and collaboration, to the benefit of people in acute care in both rural and sparsely populated areas. Consensus means a willingness to use common resources, so-called joint use, to create a common platform for an effective collaboration between professions with similar tasks, responsibilities and functions to assist and benefit people in need of emergency care. Emergency care involves life-saving measures involving an existential responsibility carried out by professions with a common mission to care for the person seeking help with a professional approach.

The first response is given by a number of different people, in addition to private individuals, professional people with varying levels of positions within different  organizations such as emergency services, police authorities and health care. In addition, there are alarm operators who handle all calls to 112 and ensure that the right skills arrive at the scene. The care is then optimized by various specialists in hospitals. Complex societal challenges that require different skills and collaboration across both faculty and organizational boundaries. Collaboration across subject or disciplinary boundaries and with social actors makes the university's educations more attractive, high-quality and relevant.

CICE conference 2024

The CICE conference 2024 is organized by the Center for Interprofessional Collaboration and Collaboration in Acute Care (CICE), located at Linnaeus University. The purpose of the conference is to develop consensus, collaboration and cooperation between different professions and organizations involved in the acute care chain, in education, and community-based research in relation to acute care. The goal is to be an international role model for how to create a common platform for effective collaboration between professions with similar missions, responsibilities and functions, to assist and benefit people in need of emergency care.

This year's theme is "Innovation and welfare technology solutions in healthcare - obstacles and opportunities" and will be organized in collaboration with AiMDAY, which will organize networking meetings for the business community linked to the conference's theme. CICE follows the help-seeker's path through the acute care chain, i.e. from the scene of the accident via municipal health care, healthcare center, emergency center, police, emergency services, ambulance to emergency departments, perioperative care and intensive care and contributes with research based on a health science perspective that gives the unique person of all ages a tangible and significant voice. A prerequisite for safe emergency care is that personnel from different professions and businesses can work together, but above all that they work together effectively to identify, investigate and prevent risks, incidents and injuries.

The conference attracts approximately 500 clinicians, teachers and researchers each year and is marketed via the magazine Samverkan112 where CICE is co-editor, CICE Newsletter, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Lnu communications department, CICE conference website, CICE website etc. The conference is planned and carried out via the CICE operational group, steering group, scientific council and Lnu communication department.


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CICE Conference is a sustainability-assured meeting in accordance with Linnaeus University’s guidelines for sustainable events. These guidelines are linked to the 17 global goals in Agenda 2030 and comprise the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, the social, and the environmental. 

Learn more about Linnaeus University´s sustainable events here.

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