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Young Researchers Conference in Green and Blue Sustainable Development 2024

Welcome to the second annual Young Researchers Conference, 14-15 March 2024 in Kalmar.

The Linnaeus Knowledge Environments Green Sustainable Development and Water are pleased to announce their jointly sponsored conference for early career researchers in green and blue sustainable development.

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The YRC is a two-day event aiming to:

  • Share the research being done at Linnaeus university and promote networking between Linnaeus university´s young researchers
  • Learn about multidisciplinary research by working on sustainability-related topics

To participate, please submit your abstract (150-300 words) briefly summarizing your research at Linnaeus universityThe work will be presented as a poster during the conference.

There is no fee for attending this conference. Guests are welcome to join a dinner on the evening of the 14th at Kalmar Castle. Attendees will be offered complimentary travel to Kalmar and accommodations for those living outside of Kalmar for the night of 14 March.  

PhD students will receive credits for attending the conference.


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The conference “Young Researchers Conference in Green and Blue Sustainable Developement 2024” is a sustainability-assured meeting in accordance with Linnaeus University’s guidelines for sustainable events. These guidelines are linked to the 17 global goals in Agenda 2030 and comprise the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, the social, and the environmental. Learn more about Linnaeus University’s sustainable events here.

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