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Film screening of "BLOMMANDE DRÖMMAR "

"BLOMMANDE DRÖMMAR" is a collaborative project between students Jojanneke van Duijn, Lena Sammüller and Viktorija Baltušytė from Linnaeus University Visual Communication + Change, as well as the Blomstermåla community and many more creative individuals from Småland.

Blomstermåla Folkets Hus has colorful and rich history in the region of Småland. This space has brought together friends, families and lovers since 1963. Now this place is for sale because the municipality has decided that it is not worth the money to maintain it.

With this project, we want to draw attention to Folkets Hus and its importance for the people of Småland. Our film is a mix of interviews, music, dance performances and an interactive installation that shows the famous history of Folkets Hus, its uncertain present and its hopeful future. Together, we aim to collect a symbolic 1% of the necessary repair money and donate it to their community.

The event begins with some introductory words from the partners and continues with the screening of the short film, followed by an open floor with room for discussion.

Blomstermåla Folkets Hus

Adress: Storgatan 83, 384 30 Blomstermåla

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2024

Time: 15:00-16:00 Or Time: 18:00-19:00

Ticket (free): Blomstermåla Folkets Hus - filmscreening

Facebook: at Blomstermåla Folkets Hus

Instagram: Snail Mail Maniac Collective @snail.mail.maniac

GoFundMe: save Blomstermåla's FOLKETS HUS

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