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Research seminar

Rethinking theoretical contribution in entrepreneurship and organisation studies: Towards a future-oriented practice theory

Research seminar with Thomas Cyron, Assistant Professor in Business Administration at Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University.

In this seminar, Thomas Cyron will invite reflections about the value of a future-oriented practice theory in entrepreneurship and organisation studies. Practice theories have gained momentum in social sciences and business administration. In the field of entrepreneurship studies, for instance, practice theories are considered relevant for their ability to focus researchers on the actual doings of entrepreneurship (Teague et al., 2021; Thompson et al., 2022; Thompson et al., 2020). In other fields, practice theories have been a uniting attractor for the development of scholarly communities such as Strategy as Practice (SAP) and Information Systems as Practice (ISAP).

However, applying “practice theories” can range anywhere from focusing on activities as a unit of analysis to adopting a practice onto-epistemology. The seminar will build on a co-authored work Thomas is currently developing with Neil A. Thompson (VU Amsterdam), where they compare and show how different practice approaches can make different theoretical and practical contributions. Welcome!

This seminar will be held in English. No pre-registration required.

The seminar is organised by the sub-subjects Leadership & organisation and Entrepreneurship. 


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