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Open session

The Data Clinic of the Nantes University Hospital, its Biomedical Data Warehouses: What do you really care for?

Many regions in Sweden and around Europe are working with establishing data warehouses, data factories, data lakes or data platforms, similar ideas with different names, some is just starting others are much more mature. We have the opportunity to invite you to a talk followed by a Q&A with Professor Pierre Antoine Gourraud to learn more about the work with the Data Clinic of the Nantes University Hospital and its Biomedical Data Warehouses.

Biomedical data warehouses are indispensable tools for enabling the reuse of health data in research and decision-making contexts. However, their implementation goes beyond technical considerations; it necessitates robust institutional data governance and the practical application of legal frameworks governing research data access and utilization. Our presentation aims at detailing the organizational, technical, and governance-related actions and challenges involved in establishing a biomedical data warehouse at a regional university hospital. We outline the procedures for accessing clinical data, revealing that the warehouse contains 103 million textual documents and 620k pieces of coded information from approximately 3 million patients admitted to Nantes University Regional Hospital between 2002 and 2024. These data are queryable and transformable for both internal and external investigators. Access to the data is structured according to specific use cases, illustrated through three application examples. Ultimately, the implementation of a biomedical data warehouse at a regional university hospital represents a transformative advancement for research and operational scenarios requiring empirical data. Emphasizing the primacy of data governance over technical considerations, we underscore the importance of framing data access within scientific inquiries.

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Pierre Antoine Gourraud

Pierre-Antoine Gourraud is a university professor, hospital practitioner at the Faculty of Medicine of Nantes University (France). He is an Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon’s (France) alumni in the Biology Department.  He arrived as a post-doctoral researcher from the Department of Neurology at the University of California (UCSF, USA) and left as an associate professor in 2018. Author of more than 185 publications cited more than 12,000 times (h-index 56), his research activities are at the crossroads of immunology, genetics and health data processing. Close to the entrepreneurial world, he has been working with several health and biotechnology companies, providing them with the benefit of his expertise.


The seminar is offered by EUniWell through the seedproject ASTUTENESS.

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