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Save the date - Nordic Conference on Legal Method

The aim of the conference is to explore the concept of legal method, which entails the intricate process of identifying the appropriate legal principles to be applied to a given set of facts. What has traditionally been seen as a straightforward task, both history, theoretical analysis, and a discussion about values have shown that legal methods are far more complex than simply making decisions about how the law should be interpreted.

This conference commences by exploring trends in legal methodology in the Nordic countries, examining their evolution, identifying potential similarities, and subsequently exploring any differences. It also recognizes the significant interplay between legal methodology and, more expansively, the interpretation of law within specific perspectives, such as place, time, space, and context.

Additionally, the conference is open to explore the concept of legal methodology across different fields of law, as well as understanding the multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and intradisciplinary boundary implications in other disciplines, with the intention of expanding the understanding of the implications of legal methodology.

This approach aspires to uncover shared patterns in these areas, revealing a more contemporary and forward-thinking approach to the role of law in our society, which should increasingly conform to a model of adherence to the rule of law as a universal principle, serving as the final benchmark for upholding democratic values.

The conference aims to address a fundamental question: What defines the core concept of legal methodology?

Contact information

If you have any questions about the conference, please
email: legalmethods2025@lnu.se and you will be contacted by one of the organizing committee.

Organizing committee:

Graham Butler, Visiting Professor of Law at Linnaeus University 
Marie Karlsson Tuula, Visiting Professor in Civil law at Linnaeus University
Lotti Ryberg Welander, Senior lecturer and Ph.D. in Sociology of Law at Linnaeus University
Cristina Trenta, Full Professor in Public law at Linnaeus University

Campus Kalmar
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