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3 Steps to get the job- Webinar. Part 1: CV

The Career Center presents the webinar series "3 steps to get the job" where you will get information and inspiration to prepare yourself for the job seeking process.

The series consists of three independent parts, three days in a row. The webinars will be held in English.

Durig the first webinar- about CV.

  • Learn the essentials of creating a standout CV.
  • Understand how to tailor your CV for specific job opportunities.
  • Discover strategies to overcome common CV challenges.
  • Gain insights into optimizing your CV for the Swedish job market.

Remember, your CV is your personal marketing document. It's a reflection of your professional journey and a crucial tool for making a lasting impression. 

This is part 1 of the Career Center's webinar series "3 steps to get the job". Read more about the other parts: 

To register for the webinar, please visit our Career portal called Job teaser. If this is the first time you visit the portal, you need to create an account. Then you can see all the career related events, look for available job positions and much more. You will find Jobteaser and the webinar here


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