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Last application day for the Mentor programme

The first year of the mentor programme ended with success and we're now looking for new students and mentor for the second round.

The purpose of the mentor programme is to strengthen the students' qualifications for their future careers and working lives – and to give the mentors the opportunity to contribute in this process by meeting the coworkers of the future.

A number of common get-togethers will be arranged on the mentor programme. All mentors and students will be invited to the get-togethers to mingle, build networks and take part of experience exchange and inspiration.

Within the mentor programme we now offer, in addition to general mentorship, a number of different specialisations:

  • Junior leadership: for students with an ambition to become future leaders
  • Internationalisation: international students and doctoral students as well as newly-arrived academics who are curious about working life in SwedenIT and digitalisation: for students on our courses/programmes within IT and computer

We recommend that applying students at least have carried out two semesters of university studies.

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