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Quantum Theory: Reconsideration of Foundations

International Conference: June 17-21, 2001 arranged by the research group ICMM (International Center for Mathematical Modeling in physics, technique and cognitive sciences,
Växjo University, Sweden)

The main aim for this conference is to reconsider foundations of quantum theory, and discussing the following problems:

  1. Analys of the creation of the quantum formalism
  2. Interpretations of wave function, relation to foundations of probability theory.
  3. Superposition principle.
  4. Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment:
    a) Quantum mechanics not complete?
    b) Objective realism, contextualism (empiricism) or nonlocality?
  5. Bell's inequality: realism/nonlocality?
  6. Bell's inequality: nonexistence of probability distributions.
    a) Incompatible observables.
    b) Ensemble fluctuations.
    c) Negative, complex and p-adic probabilities.
  7. Quantum information and teleportation, computing and cryptography: Shannon meets Bohr: Quantum Foundations in the Light of Quantum Information
  8. Pilot-wave theory, nonlocality.
  9. De Broglie double-solution theory.
  10. Stochastic quantization.
  11. Local realistic models, hidden variables.
  12. Quantum mechanics: a perculiarity of nature or just a special statistical method
    of the description of nature?
  13. Evidances of violations of quantum mechanical description?

Organizing committee:

  • Christopher Fuchs (Bell Labs),
    Pekka Lahti (Turku ),
    Andrei Khrennikov (Växjö).
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