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Reconsideration of Foundations - 2

International Conference in Quantum Theory: Reconsideration of Foundations-2, Växjö University - June 1-6, 2003, arranged by ICMM International Center for Mathematical Modeling in physics, technique and cognitive sciences, Växjö University, Sweden, and with support from the Swedish Research Council, EU-network: ”Quantum Probability and Applications” and Växjö University.

The main aim of this Conference is to reconsider foundations of quantum theory. There will be organised a special session “Quantum Logic meets Quantum Information”.

  • The following problems will be discussed during the Conference:
  • Analysis of the creation of the quantum formalism: quantum probability; quantum logic, quantum information.
  • Interpretations of wave function, relation to foundations of probability theory. Superposition principle.
  • Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment. Bell’s inequality: realism/nonlocality/contextualism?
  • Quantum information and teleportation, computing and cryptography
  • Pilot-wave theory, nonlocality. De Broglie double-solution theory.
  • Local realistic models, hidden variables.
  • Quantum mechanics: a perculiarity of nature or just a special statistical method of the description of nature?
  • Evidences of violations of quantum mechanical description?
  • Contextual approach to quantum probability
  • Discrete deterministic quantum models.

Organising committee:

H. Barnum, Los-Alamos Nat. Laboratory, USA
C. Fuchs, Bell Laboratory, Lucent Technology, USA
R. Hudson, Nottingham University, UK
A. Khrennikov, Växjö University, Sweden

Invited speakers:

L. Accardi, University Rome-2, Italy
S. Aaronson, University California, Berkeley, USA
G. Bacciagaluppi, University California, Berkeley, USA
L. Ballentine, Simon Fraser University, Canada
H. Barnum, Los-Alamos Nat. Laboratory, USA
S. Bartlett, Macquarie University, Australia
V. Belavkin, Nottingham University, UK
V. Belokurov, Moscow University, Russia
M. Bozejko, Wroclaw, Poland
P. Busch, University of Hull, UK
B. Coecke, Oxford University, UK
G.G. Emch, University of Florida, USA
A. Ezhov, Inst. of Nuclear Fusion., Russia
C. Fuchs, Bell Laboratory, Lucent Technology, USA
H. Halvorson, Princeton University, USA
L. Hardy, Perimeter Inst., Canada
I. Helland, Oslo University, Norway
B. Hellsings, Chalmers, Gothenburg , Sweden
K. Hess, Beckman Inst., Urbana-Champaign, USA
B. Hiley, University of London, UK
R. Hudson, Nottingham, UK
A. Khrennikov, Växjö University, Sweden
E. Loubents, Moscow Inst. of Electr. and Math., Russia
S. Molotkov, Inst. of Solid State Ph., Chernogo, Russia
O. Nanasiova, Bratislava University, Slovakia
R. Schack, Royal Hollaway, UK
J. Smolin, IBM Research, USA
R. Spekkens, Perimeter Inst., Canada
S. Stenholm, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
A. Wilce, Susquehanna University, USA
I. Volovich, Steklov Inst., Moscow, Russia

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