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Foundations of Probability and Physics - 5 (FPP5)

Arranged by ICMM - International Centre for Mathematical Modelling in physics, engineering and cognitive sciences - at Växjö University, Sweden (which later on became a part of Linnaeus Unuversity).

This is the 5th conference arranged by ICMM which is devoted to quantum foundations, in particular probabilistic foundations. The first four conferences took place in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Some closely related conferences are Bohmian Mechanics 2000 and Quantum Theory: Reconsiderations of Foundations 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007.

During previous conferences we were lucky to collect fruitful mixtures of physicists
(including experimenters), mathematicians and even philosophers interested in foundations. Fundamental questions of quantum mechanics, especially information theory, quantum computing, cryptography, and teleportation are important topics at the conference.

Quantum fluctuations (in the form of SED or other approaches to stochastic quantum mechanics) always play a fundamental role (especially in debates).
Even adherents of Bohmian mechanics and the many-worlds interpretation are warmly welcome. We also hope to have talks on completeness and incompleteness of quantum mechanics, macroscopic quantum systems, experiments on quantum nonlocality and locality, Bell's inequality, quantum probability, entanglement, quantum computing and cryptography technologies, philosophic problems, and mathematical formalism.

We will also encourage a discussion of the significance and meaning of
Kochen-Specker type theorems and the issue of contextuality in quantum
mechanics, as there has been a recent resurgence of interest in these
issues in quantum information and quantum foundations communities. To this
end, there will be a special session on the topic organized by C. A.
Fuchs. Speakers will include J. Emerson, C. A. Fuchs, I. Bengtsson,
J-Å. Larsson, J. Smolin, and others.

Organizion committee

G. Accardi, University of Rome-2, Italy
G. Jaeger, Boston University, USA
A. Khrennikov, Växjö University , Sweden
J-Å. Larsson, University of Linköping, Sweden
S. Stenholm, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Local org. committee

G. Adenier, Växjö University, Sweden
V. Marenich, Kalmar University, Sweden.

Invited speakers

Accardi, University of fome-2, Italy
G. Adenier, Växjö University, Sweden
M. Appleby, University of London, UK
G. Bacciagaluppi, University of Sydney, Australia
E. Beltrametti, University of Genova, Italy*
I. Bengtsson, Stockholm University, Sweden
D. Branning, Trinity College, USA
A. Cabello, University of Seville, Spain
F. De Martini,  Università di Roma, Italy
J. Emerson, University of Waterloo, Canada
C. A. Fuchs, Perimeter Institute, Canada
C. Garola, University of Salento, Italy
M. Genovese, University of Turin, Italy
R. Gill, Leiden University, The Netherlands
K. Gustafsson, University of Boulder Colorado, USA
E. Haven, University of Leicester, UK
G. Jaeger, Boston University, USA
A. Khrennikov, Växjö University, Sweden
S. Kulik, Moscow State University, Russia
J-Å. Larsson, University of Linköping, Sweden
S. Mancini, Universita' di Camerino, Italy
O. V. Man'ko, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia
V. Marenich, Kalmar University, Sweden
O. Nanasiova, Bratislava Technical University, Slovak Republic
M. Navara, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
T. M. Nieuwenhuizen, Amsterdam University, The Netherlands
A. Nikulov, Inst. of Microelectronics Techn. and High Purity Materials Chernogolovka, Russia
M. Ohya, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Y. Ozhigov, Moscow State University, Russia
A. Plotnitsky, Purdue University, USA
J. Pykacz, University of Gdansk, Poland
H. Rauch, Atominstitut der Österreichischen Universitäten, Austria
C. Roychoudhuri, University of Connecticut, USA
R. Schack, University of London, UK
J. Smolin, IBM, USA
D. Sofge, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC, USA.
S. Stenholm, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
I. Volovich, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia
N. Watanabe, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
G. Weihs, University of Waterloo, Canada.
M. Zukowski, University of Gdansk, Poland.

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