Elin Lindehoff receives environmental award

Elin Lindehoff receives environmental award for her Baltic Sea work

Every year, Äspö Miljöforskningsstiftelse hands out two environmental awards. Last Saturday, one of these awards were given to Elin Lindehoff, researcher in the group Marine phytoplankton ecology and applications at Linnaeus University. Elin received the award for her work to spread awareness about the condition of the Baltic Sea.

Elin, who also received Linnéstipendiet [the Linnaeus award] in 2014 for her work on microalgae and biofilters, was rewarded with SEK 50,000, a diploma and flowers. At the award ceremony, Elin gave a speech about how she had an interest in the Baltic Sea at an early age, starting at the age of ten, and how she is now fulfilling her dream.

Elin is a researcher at the department of biology and environmental science and also one of the research group leaders for ALGOLAND, a project in collaboration with the industry with the aim to come up with innovative solutions for the purification of air and water, using microalgae as a filter. Her research also includes studies of how climate change and eutrophication affects microalgae and zooplankton in the Baltic Sea.

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Elin Lindehoff
Linnaeus University Centre for Ecology and Evolution in Microbial model Systems