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Researchers in Informatics to diagnose an IT company’s business model

An agreement has been made between the Gunilla Bradley Centre and the IT company IST about auditing the digital business model under which IST operates.

The Gunilla Bradley Centre for Digital Business (GBC) has agreed to cooperate with IST, a company based in Växjö that offers solutions and services to schools in Scandinavia. Professor Darek M Haftor and Doctoral Student Andreas Koczkas, both part of GBC and the Department of Informatics at Linnaeus University, shall conduct an audit of the digital business model under which IST operates.

This has a dual aim. One objective is to offer IST's senior management an independent review of the current state and of future opportunities for IST, and thereby challenge the company's internal bias, which any organisation's management is limited by. Secondly, an objective is to learn from IST for the development of new knowledge regarding the success factors and hinders of digital business models.

– Indeed, IST has been a successful company in its own niche for over 30 years now, which is a lot for a company working with digital solutions. No doubt, IST's managers have made some wise decisions and we wish to learn from them, says Darek Haftor.