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Internationally attractive research on concurrences and cultural meetings continues

Linnaeus University’s cutting-edge research centre Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies has been evaluated and granted continued funding for another five-year period. An external group of reviewers, consisting of internationally-renown researchers, has evaluated the research environment and establishes that the research is excellent.

"Our research focuses on cultural meetings in a wide sense, from a historical perspective as well as from a contemporary societal perspective. Continued funding means that we can continue to broaden and deepen this research. Considering the fact that we have a unique collaboration between the humanities and the social sciences here at Linnaeus University, this is extra pleasing", says Peter Forsgren, professor of comparative literature and research manager for Concurrences.

The funding also gives the centre the opportunity to develop its collaboration with the surrounding society, through, among other things, a project dealing with the impact of migration on Swedish society. In this way, the centre contributes to creating knowledge for the development of a sustainable society in a multicultural world, both nationally and internationally.

International character
"During the five years that have passed, the centre has established an extensive international research network, for instance by welcoming a large number of guest lecturers who have found the centre to be an important and prominent research centre on the international research arena. Now we have the opportunity to continue to develop this collaboration", explains Peter Forsgren.

The funding will benefit not only the research – it also means that the centre will have the opportunity to develop courses at first- and second-cycle level in a number of subjects within the humanities and social sciences. The most prominent being the establishment of an international master programme, work that began this autumn.

Some quotes from the evaluation reports
"Concurrences is a dynamic research environment that shows distinct and very good synergy effects with a good overlap of the researchers' competences, enabling advanced collaboration. The research environment is well organised with good leadership, enabling positive collaboration and development."

"The visions for the upcoming five years are clearly highly relevant. The general impression is that from 2014 the momentum has increased and the centre has become more self-aware. In sum, this looks like a vibrant centre, producing good quality international research and tackling important issues that reverberate for all of us in the world today."