Big Data

New cutting-edge research centre at Linnaeus University

An external group of internationally renowned researchers has come to the conclusion that the research within Big Data at Linnaeus University is of a high national and international quality. Therefore, this research group has now been appointed a Linnaeus University Centre.

Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences & Applications becomes the sixth cutting-edge research centre at the university. Research group leader for the centre is professor Welf Löwe. The main focus of the centre is computer science but it will also have a multidisciplinary perspective on Big Data through collaborations with researchers at other faculties at the Linnaeus University.

Gathering of data, analysis and utilisation of large quantities of data are in focus for the new research centre. The work is aimed at mobilising the university's researchers as well as actors from the trade and industry and the public sector in order to be able to meet current societal challenges. The goal is to be able to make use of the digital technology and its development through quick, concrete innovation within new fields.

"We have now further strengthened Linnaeus University's cutting-edge research", says rector Stephen Hwang. "Big Data is a very hot topic right now and the new centre has a multidisciplinary width which gives it a unique national profile and international relevance. Data-intensive research in combination with innovative ideas has great development potential also for a number of different fields of collaboration", Stephen Hwang continues.

"This appointment is recognition of the work we have been carrying out for several years. By having established collaborations with industry clusters within a number of different fields, for instance the automotive industry, IT and eHealth, we get a lot on synergy effects between different subjects and also between the academy and the trade and industry", Welf Löwe explains. "Now we will work to develop an even clearer profile and commit to larger projects, both nationally and internationally", he continues.

The external reviewers state that the group's research is unique, is just right in time, and can contribute greatly, both for the university and for existing and future partners within the trade and industry and the public sector. They are of the opinion that the centre should have great potential to be granted additional external funding for its future research projects.

More information

Linnaeus university Centre is the name for the cutting-edge research groups at Linnaeus University. Within these research environments, exciting research of the highest quality is carried out. Research with both national and international relevance. The other research groups that have been named Linnaeus University Centre are: Biomaterials Chemistry; Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Discrimination and Integration Studies; Ecology and Evolution in Microbial Model Systems; and Intermedial Studies.