Andrei Khrennikov, Quantum and Beyond

New findings will be presented at conference in quantum theory in Växjö

At the 16th annual conference on quantum theory at Linnaeus University, leading researchers will present new findings in quantum theory – an area that still, after more than a hundred years, puzzles researchers.

Quantum theory – or quantum mechanics or quantum physics – is about the laws of nature that apply for matter and energy at micro level, in atoms, atomic nuclei, elementary particles etc. This scientific field is needed to explain effects that classical physics can't explain. Despite huge efforts, quantum theory is to a large extent still a mystery, just as it was when Albert Einstein in 1905 took the first steps within the field.

On 13-16 June, the international conference Quantum and Beyond, QB, is arranged at Linnaeus University in Växjö. This is the 16th quantum conference arranged in Växjö and it attracts around one hundred of the world's top physicists and mathematicians, who will discuss the recent successes in quantum theory and technology. The organizer of the conference is Andrei Khrennikov, Professor of mathematics at the university.

Last year three leading groups, from the Netherlands, Austria and USA, performed the final experiment demonstrating (statistically significant) existence of quantum action at a distance, the possibility of instantaneous action at any distance – but only for quantum systems. The leaders of these groups will come to Linnaeus University in Växjö on Wednesday 15 June to announce the outputs of their experiments under the heading of "Big Event – Final Bell Test". 

More information

  • Professor Andrei Khrennikov, +46 (0)470-70 87 90, e-mail (hard to reach during the conference, though)