New guest researcher at Concurrences in colonial and postcolonial studies

Starting October 24, Dr Ernest Pineteh Angu, University of Pretoria, i guesting Linnaeus University Center: Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies until November 17. He will hold a lecture on "Aliens and demons that must be exorcised from South Africa": Framing the African migrant and xenophobia in post-apartheid narratives on November 3.

Dr Pineteh E. Angu is a Senior Lecturer in the Unit for Academic Literacy, University of Pretoria. He obtained his doctorate degree in 2007, for an interdisciplinary research project titled Narratives of homelessness and displacement: life testimonies of Cameroonian asylum seekers in Johannesburg.

His research interests include migrant narratives, multilingualism, academic literacies, African transnational migration, xenophobia and social exclusion as well as language and communication. He has published several academic articles in internationally accredited journals and presented papers at local and international conferences.

Ernest Pineteh Angu, University of Pretoria