Research seminar, GBC

Research seminar about the digitalization of the music industry

Krister Bredmar and Henric Lindström presented a paper in progress that aims to understand the development of the industry of recorded music.

The music industry has changed dramatically during the past 15 years. The change in consumer behavior has played a major role and created new possibilities. In the global perspective, the Swedish music industry can be perceived to be in the front of this development.

On Friday 13 May 2016 a research seminar was given by Krister Bredmar, Associate Professor, and Henric Lindström, Lecturer, both at the Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship at Linnaeus University. The seminar was based on a paper in progress that sets out to understand the development and digitalization of the industry of recorded music. This is performed by applying the business model canvas on the transformed existing record/music labels as well as on the new business models in the shape of Spotify. The paper is entitled "Digitalization of the record music industry and the case of Spotify".

The seminar also featured a presentation by Senior Lecturer John Jeansson, entitled "Creating and capturing value through digitalisation: a value scape perspective".