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Water in between

This week, August 22–27, is the introduction week for new programme students at Linnaeus University. In Växjö, this means that 2,800 new programme students will be welcomed and in Kalmar the corresponding figure is 1,900. During the week, Linnaeus University’s ANDT group – a strategy group working to prevent the use of narcotics and drug abuse and to limit the use of alcohol and tobacco – will be present and hand out water bottles.

Linnaeus University has a well-established collaboration with a number of actors to prevent the use of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, and tobacco among students. The different actors are the student welfare office, the student union Linnéstudenterna, the student pubs, the police, the county and municipal governments, Café Tufvan, Olympen training center and Region Kronoberg, and almost all these collaboration partners will participate during the week to help hand out water.

The aim of this is to make sure that students drink water as well, as part of the alcohol prevention work. The concept of “Water in between” originates on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea and has spread across the country from there.

Contact person Växjö and Kalmar

Martina Boson, public health developer, the student welfare office, Linnaeus University
0470-70 81 91, 072-570 36 32, email: martina.boson@lnu.se
Jonas Tenje, senior press officer, 070-308 40 75