Avatar child in interview session

Swedish researchers develop a multi-lingual Avatar for professionals to interview children in crisis

Researchers at Linnaeus University have created an avatar-based interview training programme for professionals who interview children about sensitive topics. The researchers, among others Pär Stihl, a policeman and teacher at the university’s police academy, have created an avatar that is a real child that trainees can practice conducting sensitive interviews with.


There is a great need to increase development training to interview children who have experienced trauma for social services, refugee situations, doctors, police and schools.

"This is a groundbreaking moment. The technology behind this is fascinating and so useful" says Pär Stihl, teacher, police and developer of the avatar.

There is a great need for knowledge on interviews with children who have been exposed to traumatic events. In order to increase the competence on this, Pär Stihl and AvBIT Labs have developed a training programme with an avatar which is a real child that participants get to interview.

Groups of professionals for which it can be useful to practice talking with children who have been exposed to violence or other traumatic experiences are, for instance, social workers, police officers, teachers, recreational pedagogues, counsellors and school nurses.

The Swedish Migration Agency implements avatar-based interview training

The avatar-based interview training is now available and The Swedish Migration Agency is already implementing it in its investigations and management of asylum-seeking children.

Behind the platform is the extensive knowledge Pär Stihl has about child investigations and interrogation of children. The digital development has been moving forward for a number of years and the unique product is now being launched.


Pär Stihl, police and teacher on the police education, phone +4676-616 72 32, email par@avbitlabs.com

Helena McShane, communications officer, email helena.mcshane@lnu.se