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IT student - do you want a mentor?

Being a student, midway or towards the end of your studies and getting the opportunity to get support from a person with longer experience in the chosen profession is invaluable! Starting in the end of September 2017, Linnaeus University will offer mentorship programs for our students. We are currently looking for you who are studying any of our IT-related education programs (year 2 or further into your education) and want a mentor.

What are the benefits of having a mentor?

  • You get new perspectives on yourself and your upcoming work life and can discuss thoughts and ideas with someone who has experience working in IT-related professions.
  • It is rewarding to reflect on your knowledge, skills and personal qualities in relation to your future working life.
  • You get new perspectives on what it's like working within your chosen focus.
  • You expand your network of contacts and exchange experiences with mentors and other students within the IT area.

What does the set-up for the mentorship program look like?

  • Start-up meeting in 28/9 in Växjö or 5/10 in Kalmar - The mentor program begins with a joint start-up meeting for all students and mentors in September 2017. You will also be given the opportunity to meet up and discuss a plan for your coming meetings.
  • A total of six meeting between you and your mentor.
  • Follow-up meeting in January - The participants in the mentoring program meet to reflect in common about the time spent exchanging experiences.
  • Ending session in April - The ending session of the mentor program summarizes, evaluates and allows for follow-up.

How do I register?

Click here to report your interest in having a mentor.

There are a limited number of mentors 10-20 in the IT field (but there are other opportunities for mentoring), so we can't guarantee that everyone can get a mentor this year. We are doing our best to match as many as possible. After the initial registration below, you will receive an increased number of questions so that we can match you with a mentor.

Do you need more information?

On this page you can read more about the mentorship program. You can also contact Diana Unander Nordle to get more information.

We are looking forward to an exciting time together!

The initiative is supported with funding from Linnaeus University, Region Kronoberg and the Regional Association of Kalmar County and is in managed in cooperation with Kodkollektivet.