Conference on the theme Labour Discrimination

The 3rd Conference on “Labour Discrimination”, to be held at the Linnaeus University, Centre for Discrimination and Integration Studies (Växjö, Sweden), from August 23rd to August 24th 2017, will be devoted to a special issue of the International Journal of Manpower (IJM). The theme is hiring discrimination using experimental techniques.

There is a large body of research suggesting that discrimination in hiring is an important factor contributing to the poor labour market integration of minority groups in many countries. However, it is very challenging to actually measure this discrimination. The reason is that no decisive proof of discrimination can be obtained without controlling for all variables that might be correlated with the studied ground for discrimination and also affect employers' hiring decisions. In response to this methodological issues, researchers have turned to field experiments to minimize biases and offer credible estimates.

The guest editors welcome multidisciplinary approaches using experimental methods, combining theoretical and empirical frameworks from labour economics and/or human resource management and/or economic psychology and/or labour sociology. Non-experimental research designs will require support by theoretical work to provide compelling research results. The call aims to highlight the connections between theory, empirical research and policy implications. In addition, papers should appeal to academics, policy makers and practicing managers.

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