Tomi Kallio

Leadership professor with an interest in knowledge-intensive organisations

Tomi J. Kallio is a new professor within organisation and leadership at Linnaeus University. His most recent place of work was Åbo University. His research focuses on knowledge-intensive organisations, primarily within education and health care.

"Today, there is great competition for workforce between public health care and private health care providers. I'm interested in what makes doctors and nurses choose a certain employer", says Kallio.

"This competition for workforce has, among other things, contributed to a reshaping and mixing of the culture within public organisations with the practices and logics of the private sector. This has created a form of crossbreeds, or hybrids as I call them. It is interesting to study what this hybridisation means for the professionalism within these groups of professionals. Academics and healthcare staff face new types of ethical dilemmas when economic demands on the one hand and professional norms on the other hand collide", Kallio continues.

Part of the role as new professor involves establishing a new research group within the subject leadership and organisation. Tomi J. Kallio has a lot of experience of interdisciplinary work and wants to continue working together with researchers from other disciplines.

He also has experience of working with accreditation, something that is of great immediate interest for the school of business and economics which has applied to be qualified for accreditation in accordance with AACSB (Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business). Tomi hopes that his experience from accreditation work will be of use for the school of business and economics.

At his previous place of work, Tomi worked with a course in academic writing, specifically developed for doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and others who want to develop their skills in writing and publishing academic articles.

"The course was very successful and the researchers increased their number of scientific publications. Therefore, it is my hope that I will get the opportunity to establish something similar here at the school of business and economics", says Kallio.

What is most exciting about having been appointed professor at Linnaeus University?
"It feels extremely interesting and also challenging to start working at Linnaeus University and I hope that I will be able to contribute to the development of the school of business and economics, and to the development of the subject organisation and leadership in particular", Kallio concludes.

Tomi J. Kallio’s greatest leisure-time activity is fishing – which seems to be going quite well ;)