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Linnaeus University - Sweden's first university to offer digital degree certificates

Linnaeus University has successfully issued the first digital degree certificates. The thought has been present for a while – but only with new Ladok, together with a digital preservation system and a e-signature system, it could become reality.

The new degree certificates are digital and verified by e-signatures. This will make the process more efficient and reduce the time from when a decision is taken by a degree evaluation officer until the student has obtained the certificate. Before, this took about two weeks, depending on printing and mail services. Also, students will now be able to send a proper certificate through e-mail or employment application services online, instead of scanned certified copies.

Apart from a better and safer service to our students, this is also part of the office of student affairs' work towards a more sustainable future.
We are the first university in Sweden to issue only digital degree certificates and Linnaeus University can now proudly take the lead.