Chinese students discussing during class.

Linnaeus University wants to make international academics stay in the region

There is an established lack of skills supply for employers in the Linnaeus region. This is true in, for instance, industries like IT and technology. Linnaeus University wants to contribute to meeting this shortage by, among other things, helping the region making the most of the academics that are here and making them stay.

"We have 1,600 international students studying here every year. In addition to that, we also have doctoral students and newly-arrived academics, and many of them wish to stay and build their lives in the Linnaeus region. We want to encourage this, and make it easier", says collaboration coordinator Elin Lindkvist.

In the two-year project "Tillvarata internationella akademiker i Linnéregionen" the university will now, in collaboration with many local and regional actors work to find methods to make this easier. The project is funded by Region Kronoberg, Regionförbundet I Kalmar län and Linnaeus University.

How will you work? What is it that you will do?

"By using regional networks, activities and ways of working we will work to increase the understanding and knowledge about what needs there are among both target groups – the academics and the employers. We will try to come up with models for making the most of the available skills", explains Elin Lindkvist.

"Concretely, this can mean, for instance, making study visits, finding meeting places and networks, working with mentorships and ambassadors, and mapping out and following up different methods for how to work with this", Elin Lindkvist concludes.


Elin Lindkvist, collaboration coordinator, phone +4672-713 18 80
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