Peter Aronsson

Peter Aronsson new rector for Linnaeus University

Today, the government appointed Peter Aronsson as new rector for Linnaeus University for the period october 1, 2017 until september 30, 2023.
“I’m looking forward to continue leading the development of one of Sweden’s most curious and creative universities”, says Aronsson.

"By making use of all the combined knowledge at Linnaeus University, we will improve our ability to meet societal challenges; challenges that can only be solved if researchers, teachers, students and society work together. We make this collaboration possible by creating dynamic knowledge environments where everyone can contribute", Aronsson continues.

"As new rector at Linnaeus University, I want to contribute to making work and studies at Linnaeus University even more fun and even more important for the development of both individuals and society", Aronsson concludes.

Peter Aronsson is professor of history and currently acting rector at Linnaeus University. After having worked twelve years as professor of Uses of the past and cultural heritage at Linköping University, he started working full-time as professor at Linnaeus University in January 2013. During the period 2013–2015, Peter Aronsson was dean of the faculty of arts and humanities and vice-rector. Between January 2016 and March 2017, he was pro-rector at Linnaeus University.


Peter Aronsson, rector, phone +4672-573 68 00
Annika Sand, senior press officer, phone +4676-830 01 05