Current: Research seminars and papers

The following research articles have been accepted for journals and conferences:

  • Yuliya Ponomareva and Timurs Umans together with Emmy Vinberg and Karoline Karlsson have gotten paper accepted for the European Accounting Association Annual Conference 2017. The paper is called "Commercialization of audit firms and auditors' subjective well-being".
  • Timurs Umans together with colleagues Lena Agevall (Lnu) and Pernilla Broberg (Kristianstad/Link√∂ping University) got their paper accept at Scandinavian Journal of Education Research titled "The new generation of auditors meeting praxis: Dual learning's role in audit students' professional development". It is forthcoming in 2017.

Timurs Umans has been appointed as an Associate Editor of Baltic Journal of Management.He also held a research seminar on the 10 of February at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia, on the topic of Cultural diversity in top management teams and its organizational outcomes. Here you can read more about the seminar series SSE Riga open workshop series.Timurs Umans has together with Pernilla Broberg (Kristianstad/Linköping University) participated in the research-practice conference "Collaboration of institutions of higher education with its stakeholders: Current trends" in People's Ukrainian Academy, Kharkov, Ukraine.They presented a paper on The role of Work Integrated Learning in business education.