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Researcher in media technology involved in notable coming company

Shahrouz Yousefi, associate professor of media technology, is one of the persons behind a new technology for controlling the mobile phone with hand gestures. The company ManoMotion has now been acclaimed by Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden as one of the country's most exciting technology companies.

When the technology newspaper Ny Teknik and the business magazine Affärsvärlden for the tenth consecutive year compiled Sweden's most promising technology companies in its 33-list, ManoMotion was one of them. In addition, the company got extra attention as it was voted favorite of the audience.

ManoMotion was founded in 2015 and is working on creating technologies for intuitive interaction between man and smart devices. Through the camera in your mobile, for example, a model of your hands in 3D can be created, allowing you to control applications that work with virtual and augmented reality in real time.

One of the three founders of ManoMotion is Shahrouz Yousefi, associate professor of media technology at Linnaeus University. Along with his research colleague Haibo Li at KTH, he has created the algorithms that make up the company's technology, which has taken five years to develop.


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