Lnu Lab

The Design + Change students exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

This year it is the design students from the programme Design + Change who participate at the Furniture Fair 2017 in Stockholm. The students introduce Speculative Design to the public of the Furniture Fair, and they do it with a pedagogical approach that represents the uniqueness of the programme Design + Change.

The exhibition is titled Lnu Lab and will give the audience an insight into social sustainability matters. The visitors are invited into an altered reality which is somewhere in between a fictional future and a possible scenario, carefully constructed for them to become active parts of the whole picture.

The projects are made of students on the third year of the programme Design and Sustainability, created during their exploration of Speculative Design on a course named Home on Earth. At the same time, the students have developed and refined a learning experience for the audience that will challenge what we already know and to where the future is leading us.

The fair is open to the public on February 11. The event is part of Stockholm Design Week, visited each year by over 60,000 people from all over the world. The students' exhibition will be in the Greenhouse, where design schools from Sweden and other countries broadcast their latest works and innovative ideas.