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Well-developed work with sustainable development in education at Linnaeus University

The Swedish Higher Education Authority has evaluated the work with sustainable development within first-cycle education at Swedish higher education institutions. Roughly a quarter of the higher education institutions meet the criteria that have been decided, Linnaeus University is one of them.

In total, 47 higher education institutions were included in the evaluation. Out of these, 12 got a passed grade, Linnaeus University being one of them. Linnaeus University was considered to have a well-developed process for its work with sustainable development.

"Linnaeus University is on the right path with its general work to make sure that more students come into contact with different perspectives on sustainable development during their studies, all the way from first-cycle studies to third-cycle studies. Sustainable development contributes to quality and prepares our students for the societal challenges we are facing", says Catherine Legrand, pro-vice-chancellor at Linnaeus University.

The Swedish Higher Education Authority's evaluation is based on the Higher Education Act which stipulates that Swedish higher education institutions should work to promote a sustainable development. Present and future students should be guaranteed a healthy and good environment, economic and social welfare and justice.


Catherine Legrand, pro-vice-chancellor, phone +4670-438 06 18
Björn Idlinge, coordinator fo sustainable development, phone +46470-70 84 25
Annika Sand, senior press officer, phone +4676-830 01 05