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Zero tolerance at Linnaeus University

The #metoo campaign has opened our eyes, also within the academic world. At Linnaeus University, we do not accept any forms of assault or violation. There shall be zero tolerance. Therefore, even though there are few known incidents of harassment, we are now launching an initiative for a more active and systematical way of working at all levels within the organisation to prevent discrimination.

"We must never accept this. This is not only a leadership issue but something for which we must all take responsibility. Our environment should be characterised by openness, trust and respect", says vice-chancellor Peter Aronsson.

Linnaeus University is a workplace with 35,000 students and members of staff where discrimination issues are to be dealt with very seriously. All places of work should work actively with equal rights and opportunities for members of staff and students. The academic world should be a place entirely exempt from any forms of violation.

Any person who is subjected to or receives information about someone else being subjected to discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation should report this to the university. The university is then obligated to investigate the matter and has the possibility to take action.

We will also go through our routines to make sure that we work more systematically with mapping, action plans and a leadership that counteracts all forms of discrimination.