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A successful first year for the mentor programme

There were positive feedback by both students and mentors after finishing the first year of Linnaeus University's new started mentor programme. The mentor programme is looking at a second year and are now looking for new students and mentors to apply.

In the mentor programme students are getting paired up with a mentor. The porpuse is to strengthen the preconditions for students' future working life -but altso to give mentors the posibility to impact and meet the labor fo the future. The mentor programme started up in autum 2017 and had a hughe success with their 42 pairs.

Chao Deng, student at Human Resource Manangement, was a participant:

- It was a great choice for me to join the mentor programme. I didn't know what to expect. But I knew I wasn't very satified with myself, that I experienced stress and never met my own expectations.

Chao Deng got paired up with Helena Nilsson, regional director in Kalmar, who's been helping Chao in regards to not have such high expectations on herself and to become a happier student. However, the mentor programme is not only a benefit for students but also for the mentors.

- To me, leadership is all about being human and to like working with other humans, says Helena Nilsson. Thanks to our conversations I gain perspective of myself and I  get inspiration from someone younger with different references than I.

Students and mentors are now being encouraged to apply for the next round of the mentor programme with start in autum 2018.