Marja Johansson Mess working

Alumnus of the month: Marja Johansson Mess

In September you will meet Marja Johansson Mess. A great interest in chemistry determined her choice of profession. Today, she enjoys being an engineer and being able to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Name: Marja Johansson Mess
Current work and city: Environment and wastewater consultant at Sweco Environment AB in Växjö.

What did you study at Linnaeus University and when did you graduate?

“I studied a bachelor of science in energy and environment in Växjö and graduated in 2017”.

What do you work with now?

“I work as a consultant at Sweco Environment. We carry out investigations on, for instance, supplementary water in wastewater pipes, in order to be able to, among other things, reduce the pressure on treatment plants and contribute to a more sustainable society. I also do sampling, with focus on contaminated soil. Recently, I have also carried out some energy mapping of facilities, where the customers have mainly been municipalities and companies of varying sizes”.

What is the most fun part about your job and what is the biggest challenge?

“The most fun part is that my tasks are so varied. They include both being out in the field and taking samples and being at the office to write reports. You get the full picture and the opportunity to be a part of something from the beginning to the end. I also very much enjoy working together with my colleagues”.

“The biggest challenge is that you have to continue learning always. There are constantly new things to learn and you have to keep up with the development”.

How did you establish yourself on the labour market after your studies?

“I landed a job before I graduated, but I was actively applying for jobs during my studies. I looked for job advertisements and participated at labour market days where I spoke to representatives from different companies and asked questions. You have to show your A-game and keep trying”.

What was your student life like?

“I commuted back and forth to Växjö from Älmhult. I dedicated a lot of time for my studies. That was important to me. On the programme we worked a lot in groups and also had a lot of social activities in our class and I tried to participate in as many as I could. This also felt important because you make friends for life”.

In what way were you in contact with the labour market during your studies?

“I took part in labour market days like, for instance, Amår and made study visits as part of my programme. I also wrote my thesis as part of a collaboration with a company, and applied for jobs during my study time”.

What do you take with you from your studies at Linnaeus University? Is there anything that has become possible thanks to your education?

“My knowledge for the profession. The methodology, the way of working. We wrote many reports and that is also what I do today. I learned how to collaborate with others, and how to communicate to reach the best possible result. I also developed as a person during my time as a student”.

What is your relationship with Linnaeus University today?

“I am part of the alumni network and have some contact with old teachers when I need to ask for advice. I have also visited the university to present the company where I work to current students”.

Can you offer three career tips?

  1. Be curios and open to trying new things. Think broad.
  2. Make your way and network.
  3. Be professional in your occupation; that will give you good references from colleagues and customers.