Waqar Hussain

Alumnus of the month: Waqar Hussain

In January you meet Waqar Hussain. After a master in information systems, he focused on a research career in the field of social software engineering. Today he is back at Linnaeus University as an international research collaborator.

Name: Waqar Hussain
Age: 42
Current work and location: Postdoctoral fellow at University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

What did you study at Linnaeus University and when did you graduate?

– I studied a master in information systems from 2009–2010. I started as an international student from Pakistan.

What do you work with?

– My area of research is change management in global software development and value-based software engineering.

What is most fun with your job and what is the biggest challenge?

– Most fun: Being surrounded by top research scholars and young people who are a constant source of energy and inspiration, and also being able to work with innovative ideas and technologies.

– Challenges: Constantly updating yourself with the knowledge required to develop and work with both new and emerging technologies.

How did you establish your career after your studies at Linnaeus University?

– My goal has always been to attain a higher education. Therefore, I pursued my career in academia, doing research and teaching but also kept in touch with the IT industry to keep my skills sharp and relevant. I want to make a positive impact on society through the use of technology, which is why I have now chosen to work in the field of social software engineering.

How was your student life at Linnaeus University?

 – One of the best times as a student. I had a wonderful experience as a student. In the early days there were some natural challenges as an international student, such as adjusting to the new culture, dealing with the cold weather and finding accommodation. But these challenges were managed through the help of senior students and the university staff. Our seniors on the master programme in information systems made us feel very welcome and helped us blend in with the culture.

What do you take with you thanks to your studies? Is there anything special you have been able to do thanks to your education?

 – Studying at Linnaeus University provided me with a sound academic foundation to develop myself further in the field of research. The quality of education I acquired and the skills I gained opened more doors of opportunities for my career; I managed to secure a PhD scholarship and to continue my research career.

What is your relation to Linnaeus University today?

– I am honored to be invited by Linnaeus University as an international research collaborator. I am here to work with my former teachers at the department of informatics on research, expand on one of information systems courses and also to act as a collaboration bridge between my current university and Linnaeus University. I will continue to contribute to Linnaeus University in every capacity I can and give back to the university that contributed so much to my education and career, making me the person I am today.

Can you give any career advice?

  1. Technology moves fast and requires us to maintain an 'ever-learning attitude'. Keep your spirit high as the influx of information from myriad sources can at times be overwhelming.
  2. Pursuing a career in research can provide plenty of opportunities to pursue your dreams, meet exciting people and work with the brightest minds, but be prepared to show your qualities of perseverance and grit to adapt to situations and deal with new challenges that might spring up in your career.