Andreas Linderholt

Andreas Linderholt chairman of organisation in structural dynamics

Was elected chairman of the recently formed Technical Division on Dynamic Substructuring, a division of the international organisation Society of Experimental Mechanics.

Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM) is an international organisation within structural dynamics, testing and calculations, with some 15 technical sub-divisions. During the International Modal Analysis Conference XXXVI (IMAC) in February in Orlando, Florida, the decision was made to create a new division of SEM: Technical Division on Dynamic Substructures.

At the meeting when the division was formed, some 25 world leading persons in the field of structural dynamics were present and elected Andreas Linderholt, senior lecturer of mechanical engineering at Linnaeus University, as chairman. The division is responsible for organising sessions during conferences and courses, mainly IMAC which is held yearly, and for working out benchmark structures in the field of sub-structuring.

"That these incredibly talented people suggest and also vote me to the post as chairman is extremely honorable. I feel a lot of support from the members, so even if the appointment also means a responsibility, it is most encouraging and pleasing to work with these talented and creative people", says Andreas Linderholt.