Sensory marketing

Brands Through our Senses

Clarinda Rodrigues, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, got a Special Session on Sensory Branding accepted by the Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress (Porto, Portugal, June 27-30, 2018). She will be the Chair of this Special Session: "Brands Through our Senses (Sensory Branding)".

Co-Session Chair is Cleopatra Veloutsou, Professor of Brand Management University of Glasgow.

The first paper is entitled "Branding Places: developing a sensorial brand identity model" and will be presented by TC Melewar, Clarinda Rodrigues and Charles Dennis.

The second paper is entitled "Store atmospherics" and will be
presented by Charles Spence.

The third paper is entitled "Enhancing sensory branding in luxury through visual design" and will be presented by Aurélie Hemonnet and Pierre Valette-Florence.

Finally, the forth paper is entitled "Challenges of exploring the perception and impact of sensory communication" and will be presented by Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Janina Haase and Jannick Bettels.


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