Charilaos Skandylas

Charilaos research will make computer systems more secure

As a new doctoral student in the research project PROSSES, Charilaos Skandylas will create methods and tools for analysing the security of computer systems.

Charilaos Skandylas has been fascinated by technology and computers in particular since his childhood. He started programming in his early teens and found a sense of belonging in it, which motivated him towards a career in computer science. Now he is a doctoral student helping senior lecturer Narges Khakpour with her project Provably Secure Self-Protecting Systems (PROSSES).

The goal of PROSSES is to develop a framework to design a component-based protecting layer for a computer system by focusing on confidentiality and integrity. Within the project they will develop techniques and tools to detect and predict potential attacks, and to protect the system against these by applying cost-effective countermeasures. The main focus for Charilaos will be the design of systems that can protect themselves using formal methods. In that respect he is expected to aid in the creation of methods and tools to analyze system security as well as develop a protecting layer for software systems at the architectural level.

Charilaos Skandylas hopes to contribute to the research community as much as possible, in order to further both his personal knowledge and new scientific knowledge. After finishing his PhD he hopes to continue on that path and get a job as a postdoctoral researcher in a university or at a research institute.

– Ultimately, what matters most for me is to be able to contribute to the improvement of civilization and the most meaningful way for me to achieve that is through research, says Charilaos Skandylas.

For Charilaos, the most exciting thing is to be given the opportunity to pursue research in a field that he loves, whilst being surrounded by a number of accomplished researchers that can aid him in that respect. Additionally, he sees the coming years as a great chance to challenge himself intellectually and improve his abilities and skills.