Doctoral students within subjects linked to colonial and postcolonial studies

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At least three doctoral students within subjects linked to colonial and postcolonial studies.

The Linnaeus University Centre for Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies (LNUC Concurrences) is a research environment that primarily studies cultural encounters, cultural manifestations, migration and diaspora from colonial and postcolonial perspectives. This is an interdisciplinary centre that brings together researchers from different traditional subject disciplines that work with different methods, theories and materials. See LNUC Concurrences is based at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, but also includes researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences. The research carried out at the centre mainly relates to history, literary studies, religious studies, peace and development studies and social work.

Subject area for the position:Colonial and postcolonial studies

The duties include third-cycle education up to doctoral degree, corresponding to a maximum of four years of full-time studies in one of four possible third-cycle education subjects: English, history, comparative literature or religious studies:

The proposed projects will be linked to the research field of colonial and postcolonial studies, and to the research carried out within the centre, but can otherwise have both theoretical and empirical main focuses. A methodological focus is also a possibility. If the project can be carried out within the framework of one of the clusters that organises the research at LNUC Concurrences, this would be a major advantage. There are currently three clusters at the centre: the Cluster for Nordic Colonialism, the Cluster for Colonial Connections and Comparisons, and the Cluster for the Study of Cultural Encounters. Information about the research carried out at these clusters can be found at the LNUC Concurrences' website:

The doctoral student will play an active role within the LNUC Concurrences environment, and will also participate in the internal work of the relevant department. By agreement, the role may include up to 20% departmental duties in the form of teaching, administration or a commission of trust as a student representative.