Linnaeus University - soon to be environmentally certified. Help us become even better

Linnaeus University's environmental work was reviewed by external reviewers in October 2017 and it is now time for a follow-up review. If the organisation meets the requirements for certification, Linnaeus University will become the tenth environmentally certified higher education institution in Sweden.

To work systematically with environmental and sustainability issues - to implement a so-called environmental management system - aims to continuously help us improve within this area.

As a member of staff, student or external visitor, you have the opportunity to contribute with suggestions for improvement and point out flaws in Linnaeus University's environmental work by filling out a web form. Your contribution is important!

Linnaeus University strives to be a sustainable university. This includes working with environmental and sustainable development within education, research and collaboration as well as within our physical environments.

This work can range from integration of sustainability perspectives in our courses and programmes to reduced carbon dioxide emissions from transports and travel.

In the work to become an environmentally certified higher education institution, a large number of members of staff and students contribute. Our work has proved that we can accomplish large improvements in a relatively short period of time!

Contact the coordinators for sustainable development: