The faculty of social sciences invests in societal driving force

The faculty of social sciences now strengthens its work with societal driving force with the aim to integrate research, first-cycle courses and programmes and collaboration. The faculty has established a Centre for School Development and also appointed a coordinator for societal driving force, with the commission to map out and coordinate the faculty's collaboration work.

Centre for School Development (CSU) has responsibility for implementing education and research commissions aimed at preschool and school activities. Coordinator for the centre is Goran Basic.

By establishing a function as coordinator for social power, the Faculty wishes to systematically build up knowledge of the faculty's overall activities in collaboration. The Faculty's coordinator for social power is Torun Elsrud.

The work with societal driving force is meant to contribute to the development of knowledge networks that create more opportunities for increased working life connection on courses and programmes at the university, while at the same time increasing the professional competence in working life.

Integration between research, first-cycle courses and programmes, and collaboration constitutes the basis that is needed in order to establish complete knowledge environments. The idea is that these knowledge environments shall strengthen both education and research within the academy and be the competence within society's different fields of activity outside the academy.

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