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International Staff Training week

Staff from all around the world are gathered this week to network and to learn more about intercultural communication. The week is filled with lots of events in the local area and yet so far the outcome has been successful.

This is the sixth year that university staff from all over the world gather at Linnaeus University for exchanging experiences and knowledge on anything that touches the subject intercultural communication. The week also has activities that touches the subjects of internationalization, complicity and equal treatment, digitalization and usage of virtual education methods, mobility of students and teachers, and conflict management.

"The aim of this week is to gain even better contact with our partners and to give the staff of Linnaeus University an opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and cultures" says Lena Kulmala from the department of External Relations.

The activities for the week aims to inspire and gain knowledge about the region of Linnaeus. For example, they paid a visit the other day to Orrefors Park where they got to create and design glasses and eat local cheese cake. The week will finish off with an excursion to Öland.

The week has yet this far been very successful and several participants are already expressing how they will recommend this event to their colleagues to go next year. "This has been a fruitful week and Linnaeus University has made a great and positive impression" says Beatrice Lidais from France with other participants agreeing with her.