Catherine Legrand with the certificate

Linnaeus University is now environmentally certified

Linnaeus University is now environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001. Research and education is carried out in an environment that is characterised by a sustainability perspective. For the higher education institution, the certification is an injection of positive energy to take new steps in this work.

"This is truly a recognition. We are very proud and happy that our university has been environmentally certified", says Catherine Legrand, pro-vice-chancellor at Linnaeus University with responsibility for Sustainable future.

"This is also one step towards our vision. Sustainable development contributes not only to quality but also prepares our students for the societal challenges we are facing, in the industry and in the public sector", Legrand adds.

Linnaeus University got good results in the evaluation carried out by Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) on commission from the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ). Linnaeus University is the eleventh out of 37 Swedish higher education institutions to live up to the requirements. But we aim even higher.

"We are on track. But we will not slow down but instead continue to develop. Our students will get a strong basis of knowledge and tools with them so that they can stand well prepared. Our research environments should be able to meet the societal challenges and offer sustainable solutions for the future", Legrand continues.

UKÄ points out that all activities at Linnaeus University are to be carried out in forms that promote equality, economic and social welfare, fairness and a good working environment. Students should also be invited to events and activities, initiatives that lead to the university spreading knowledge and specialisation within the surrounding society.

"Transport is the next area that we will dig into. Together with other actors that are responsible for transportation and freight we will develop a transportation system that guarantees sustainability, starting here in Småland", says Legrand.

Linnaeus University promotes an international environment where all students and members of staff are bearers of the notions of equal opportunity and sustainable development through the fact that education and research is permeated by the UN's global goals for sustainable development based on interdisciplinary collaborations.

"To integrate sustainability in everything we do help us develop as individuals, contribute to youth meeting their dreams and increases the interest in Linnaeus university as a higher education institution, work place, and strategic collaboration partner", Legrand concludes.