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Linnaeus University maps out sexual harassment.

Have you experienced sexual harassment? Send your story anonymously until March 2. It will then be part of mapping and contribute to the implementation of proactive measures.

The government has decided on additional measures to counteract sexual harassment at Swedish universities and university colleges. The academic world should be a good working space for both students and employees. Consequently, an action plan has been established to ensure that Linnaeus University works systematically, maps out risks, takes measures and makes sure that no forms of sexual harassment occur.

Focus on proactive measures
The plan for this work focuses, in accordance with the new Discrimination Act (map out, shed light on and act), on proactive measures. The work consists of three main parts: mapping, reviewing/establishing routines and steering documents, and measures and shedding light.

In order to map out potential risks for harassment and sexual harassment, students and members of staff are being encouraged to hand in anonymous stories via a web form until March 2. An analysis of the stories will result in a report and a proposal for possible proactive measures.

Send in your story
Have you experienced sexual harassment on campus, at conferences, or other events linked to the university? In that case, we would appreciate if you would tell your story without naming the member of staff or student in question. We guarantee anonymity. Link to web form