Make Music Matter

Make Music Matter 2018 with several famous people from the music world

Andreas Carlsson, world producer, songwriter and IDOL jury is just one of several famous personalities attending the Music Teachers' Convention in 2018. Peo Thyrén presents a unique app where students through self-study can develop their vocals.

Make Music Matter is a music teacher's event where researchers, music entrepreneurs and music teachers meet to share their experiences in creative music creation with digital tools and entrepreneurship. Behind the convention is Göran Nikolausson, lecturer from the Linnaeus University:
-Make Music Matter is about giving students the opportunity to work with music as an expression and communication tool using digital tools.

On Wednesday evening, Andreas Carlsson holds an inspiration lecture and presents the winner of the ACE OF BASE remix competition "Happy nation Reborn".

Peo Thyrén, artist, songwriter and music contractor. "An evening in the subway" with the band Noice, "Dance in Neon" with Lena Philipsson are just two of the songs that Peo stands behind. Others who have recorded Thyrén's works are Carola, Tomas Ledin, Martin Stenmarck, Tommy Nilsson and Style. At this year's Make Music Matter he will present him something completely different. A unique app that allows students to develop their song through self-study.

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