Marcelo Ketzer

New professor works for a more sustainable world

Marcelo Ketzer is new professor of environmental science at the department of biology and environment. His research focuses on how humans affect our planet and what consequences this may have for future generations.

Ketzer is currently working on various international projects with focus on environmental impact on our oceans.

"I'm currently working within a number of different areas. I study the effects of global warming on marine environments. For instance, I study how the chemical composition of bottom sediments in our oceans changes as a result of global warming. I also started a study about metal contamination in marine sediments of the Baltic Sea", Ketzer explains.

Earlier in his career, Ketzer worked with a number of different technologies to store carbon dioxide in geological reservoirs to reduce the greenhouse effect. He has also been involved in a number of scientific projects in the Mediterranean Sea. In the Mediterranean Sea, he studied natural occurrences of methane seeps in the seafloor and how these are affected by climate change.

A recurring theme in Ketzer's work is that he is convinced that with the help of science, we can help solving many of the environmental problems we have created.

"We must increase societal awareness concerning environmental problems. If we are to maintain our standard of living, we must start using less natural resources and take measures based on sustainability principles. My interest in environmental issues is based on the idea that you can use science and technology to contribute to a better and more sustainable world", says Ketzer.

Marcelo Ketzer has been granted SEK 250,000 in funding grants from Crafoordska stiftelsen for a study on metal pollution in soils around to Kristianstad.