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New programmes with focus on international politics and governance

The faculty of social sciences introduces two new programmes this autumn. The programme sustainable democracy and governance, and international affairs, master programme. Both programmes are offered at the department of political science.

The programme sustainable democracy and governance deals with sustainable democracy and societal development in relation to global and cross-border questions. The programme is based on political science studies of sustainable democracy and societal development with its challenges in relation to different problems of borderless or global nature.

"It's an exciting programme that provides knowledge about sustainable democracy, societal development, international law and human rights", says Staffan Andersson who is programme coordinator for the programme sustainable democracy and governance.

The master programme in international affairs is aimed at students with an interest in intelligence studies of international, political questions, studies abroad and international internship. The programme will be offered in English with both Swedish and international students.

"The programme looks on politics from a global perspective and pays attention to change processes and challenges. A number of globalisation issues are dealt with on the programme", says Henrik Enroth, programme coordinator.

Application is open for both programmes.