New visiting professor focuses on curriculum studies

During the academic year 2018/2019, the Department of didactics and teachers’ practice in collaboration with the research group Studies in curriculum, teaching and evaluation (SITE) warmly welcomes professor Mark Priestley from Stirling University (UK) as a visiting professor.

Professor Priestley's expertise lies within the field of curriculum studies, with a special focus on curriculum theory, curriculum policy and curriculum development. During the academic year, professor Priestley will mainly contribute to the Higher seminar in education as well as with a series of seminars on curriculum theory in the SITE research group:

October 17, 2018, 1-3 pm. Higher seminar in education on the theme of professional education and teacher agency.

October 18, 1-3 pm, Mark Priestley will present the first part of the seminar series on curriculum theory in the SITE research group, followed by a second part. (K1038/V2103K)

November 29, 1-4 pm, second part, a seminar which also includes another invited guest, Christina Elde Mølstad, INN University, Norge. (V1103K/Lammhult)

A warm welcome to everybody interested in these presentations!