New Year greetings from the vice-chancellor

Now that we are in the darkest period of the year, I would like to request something of you. Take a moment to think about what you have learnt, what you have contributed with, and what you have done that you are proud of in 2018.

I am convinced that this list will be long. On my behalf, I am glad that we now offer a larger selection of international courses and have more international applicants than ever before. I am proud that we find new ways to educate people, so that they can benefit from their working life experience, as preschool teachers and newly-arrived doctors and nurses. And it makes me happy to see how members of staff and students together with actors from society lights sparks that can become the lights of the future in music, pedagogy, technology or whatever field of subject it may be.

My list could be even longer. I hope that you feel just as proud as I do. Enjoy your success – and thank you for everything you have contributed with during 2018!

Peter Aronsson, vice-chancellor Linnaeus University