Ducks being captured for research at Ottenby Bird Observatory

Ottenby one step closer to becoming a European research centre

The Regional Council in Kalmar County contributes with money to the pilot study that will investigate the possibility to make Ottenby Bird Observatory a European research centre for bird-borne diseases and zoonoses.

Right now, preparations are in full swing to develop Ottenby Bird Observatory into a new European research centre where it will be studied how diseases are spread between birds and humans. The Regional Council invests SEK 340,000 in the pilot study that is to be carried out together with Linnaeus University, Birdlife Sweden, and Kalmar County Council. A total of SEK 680,000 will be invested in the pilot study that starts at the turn of the year and is expected to go on for a year.

An expert group has been linked to the project, consisting of Jonas Waldenström, professor at the department of biology and environmental science, Linnaeus University; Anette Strand, organisation manager BirdLife Sweden; Lotta Berg, chairman BirdLife Sweden; Magnus Hellström, site manager, Ottenby Bird Observatory; Björn Olsen, professor of infectious medicine, department of medical sciences, Uppsala University, and Jonas Bonnedahl, research manager at the county council in Kalmar County.

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