More parking places and parking fee on Växjö campus

After the summer, there will be more parking places and more charging stations for electric vehicles at Linnaeus University in Växjö. As from September 1, you will have to pay a fee for parking your car. This is required in order to create a sustainable parking situation now that Växjöbostäder charges their tenants for parking on their parking places on campus.

On August 1, Växjöbostäder will introduce rents adjusted to conditions on the market for their parking places on campus. In order to prevent that students living on campus move their cars to the university’s parking places, the university has decided to charge a fee also for parking on these. The new parking regulations apply as from September 1.

SEK 10 per twenty-four hours and new payment methods

The parking fee will be SEK 1 per hour or a maximum of SEK 10 per twenty-four hours, the maximum allowed parking time. Payment methods will be parking meter (card and coins), text message, and app.

Pay the fee (see map):

  • Existing parking meter for payment with coins at P10 Gulan will be reconstructed for payment with card.
  • Existing parking meter for payment with coin will be kept at P06 Studentstigen.
  • It will be possible to pay for all parking places via text message or an app provided by Videum’s parking entrepreneur.

Increased parking surveillance

After a period with a bit more generous application of the parking surveillance, this will now go back to normal.
“The parking surveillance on campus has been looser during the construction of Epic and Building O since these construction projects have made the parking situation particularly stressed. However, this has resulted in lawns being damaged, rescue vehicles having difficulties reaching their destinations, and it has been more difficult to handle the snow clearance – which is why we now must get things back in order”, says Hans Tunér, manager at the office of facilities management and services.

Parking places will be reintroduced and temporary parking places will disappear

Some of the parking places that have been closed in connection to the construction of Epic and Building O have now been restored and are available again. However, the parking places at PG Vejdes väg on the block Forskaren (parking 04), which have been rented by the university temporarily, will not be available after June 30 since Växjöbostäder needs them for their tenants.

More charging station for electric vehicles

In addition to the two charging stations for electric vehicles available today behind Epic, a total of 14 new places will be completed during the autumn.

More information

If you have any questions concerning the parking situation on Växjö campus, please contact Hans Tunér, manager at the office of facilities management and services.